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Our medical billing specialists show your team the systems and techniques to optimize billable services and payment collections at your office.

At Physician Fees First, LLC, we help you reduce your liability by giving you a complete understanding of insurance companies.

By using the latest technology, our firm shows you how to communicate with patients on the other side of the world via telemedicine, and bill for it!

Benefits Of Using Our Billing Services


1.Free up office space

2.Cut down on incoming phone calls

3.Turn a fixed expense into a variable one

4.More Focus on Patients

5.Reduces Billing Errors

6.Saves Money

7.Improves Cashflow

8.Improves Patient Satisfaction

9.Ensures Billing Compliance

10.Increases Revenue


Just try our free practice audit to get you report



Our services include:

*             Billing/Coding

*             Assistance with Acquisitions and Mergers.

*             Credentialing

*             Contract negotiations

*             Charge/Demographics

*             Claims Submission

*             Payment Posting

*             Denial Analysis

*             Insurance Follow-up